Interview with Author B. Berry


1 .Good morning, Miss Berry! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Good day! My Name is B. Berry and I write mysteries. I love writing murder mysteries in particular. It may see odd to some, to be so intrigued with murder but I always say: I write murder…not because I enjoy the act of killing but I’m intrigued by the audacity of it.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I’m very much an introvert and as a child my self-esteem was very low. To avoid people and especially confrontation, I began reading at a young age. I devoured books of all genres, sometimes reading two at a time and still read quite a lot to this day.

3. Please tell us about your books.

Although I love writing about murder and creating deep characters, my very first book was about a little girl that was molested and raped by her step father and then ultimately raised by him. Now, this is not my personal story but it’s the story of someone very close to me. We all know of someone that has experienced this type of abuse, if not ourselves and I’d like to keep the topic in the forefront of our minds as a way of making it easier for survivors to speak out to help others. Check out EVEN NUMBERS by Barbara Grovner.

EVEN NUMBERS by Barbara Grovner                         CLOTHESLINE BLUES by B. Berry                       COLD CRAZY by B. Berry                       COLD SERIAL by B. Berry

4. How are the two books in the Cold Series related?

I’ve written a short series of crimes with Boston as the back drop. COLD CRAZY and COLD SERIAL are two books that are connected with a detective by the name of Barnes. They are stand alone stories with definitive endings in each one instead of cliff-hangers. I hope you’ll check those out. At the time I began writing this series I decided to write under the name B. Berry so look for me there.

5. What have you found to be the pros and cons of becoming an author?

As far as pros and cons of writing, I find marketing to be tedious and invasive to my creativity. I realize we all must market our work but I feel that it can make my passion into a “job” at times. A lot of work and money goes into a complete, polished story, but the actual creation of the story itself is what gives me a rush.

6. What will you write about next? Any books in mind?

 I’m working on my fifth novel now and have had a bit of trouble with writer’s block but I’m sure I’ll keep pushing through as always. This particular novel is something I want to use all my experiences as an author with. My characters are multi-layered and interesting. My stories always have a back story as well to keep readers turning the pages.

7. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about or in the process of writing a book?

 Being a writer or published author is exciting and challenging. I enjoy the challenge of my creativity which makes each new book exciting! To anyone wishing to follow the dream of becoming a published author, I once heard…”An author’s only regret is that they wish they’d started sooner.”

Thanks so much for this opportunity to take my reach farther to present my work to more readers of mysteries by B. Berry.

You're welcome! You're one of my favorite authors!